After School

We’re here for you! The Y After-school program is a place where we nurture the potential of every youth. The Y is the starting point for many youth to learn about becoming and staying active, learning about social responsibility and developing healthy habits that they will carry throughout their lives. With so many demands on today’s families, parents can get the much needed support from our program. The Y is about more than looking after kids, it’s about offering them a safe environment where they can develop healthy, trusting relationships and build self-reliance through the Y values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. 

Academic & Enrichment Clubs

Includes homework assistance from college educated staff and fun hands-on activities that explore various curriculum's that increase youth’s passion for learning.  From music and movement to journalism, kids get to explore different enrichment clubs throughout the school year that help identify and nuture sparks, and teach them new skills.


Staff & Safety 

Our staff are carefully selected and screened prior to starting work with your child. Staff undergo trainings throughout the school year on classroom management, positive conflict resolutions, innovative curriculum development, risk manangement, the 40 Developmental Assets, and how to live the Y values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Our staff are passionate cause-driven leaders who enjoy making a positive impact. At the Y, we are committed to providing a welcoming environment where everyone is physically and emotionally safe at all times.

We Partner with Schools

We work with the schools to provide care on school campuses with support and help from the school districts. Our curriculum is coordinated with the school to compliment and support the children’s school day.

We Listen to our Parents 

We conduct yearly surveys to assess parent satisfaction and use the data to strengthen our programs and procedures.

Important Dates

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